Question: "What is"

Answer: is an evangelical, “nondenominational Bible based site that exists to freely share the good news from God to the entire world so you can KNOW the Truth about life and eternity. This Truth comes from Knowing GOD and having a relationship with Jesus Christ” (from, accessed 10/23/19). The doctrinal statement of is thoroughly biblical and evangelical.

The site is designed to help a person study the Bible. Someone who wants to study a particular verse can type the reference into the search bar, and the results will yield articles written about the verse or topics related to issues addressed in the verse. Some of the articles are written by the staff, and others are by well-known evangelical authors. Many translations of the Bible are available and searchable at, as well.

Perhaps the greatest asset on the website is the New English Translation or NET Bible, which was produced by and available for free at The website describes as “the best Bible study tool on the web.” The NET is an internet-based Bible translation that has over 58,000 translation notes and comments by a team of evangelical scholars to help the reader understand the meaning of the text. Although the NET Bible with notes is available in book form, the organization focuses on the internet version as the most efficient way to make the Bible readily accessible to anyone in the world.

The ministries of and are complementary, with some overlap. focuses on making Bible study tools available to anyone who wants to access them, whereas Got Questions Ministries focuses on answering theological and Bible-based questions. Both ministries use the internet to promote the Word of God and constantly publish new content with the intent that many who use our sites will read and respond to the gospel presentation.