Question: "Is it wrong to have angel figurines?"

Answer: In and of themselves, there is nothing wrong with angel figurines. How one views an angel figurine is what determines whether it is wrong. The only reason angel figurines would be wrong is if a person idolizes them, prays to them, or worships them, which God forbids (1 Samuel 12:21). We do not worship angels or angel figurines. Only God is worthy of worship (Psalm 99:5; Luke 4:8), and we are to rely fully on Him alone (Psalm 9:10). The Bible speaks very strongly against religious imagery. As a result, Christians must be very careful to never allow an image, whether an angel figurine, picture of Jesus, nativity scene, etc., to become a snare or distraction.

While there is nothing sinful in having figurines representing angels or any other creature, we must not attribute to them any supernatural power or influence over our lives. No figurine can protect us from harm, bring us good luck, or impact us in any way. Such beliefs are mere superstition, which has no place in the life of a Christian. Related to superstition is idolatry, and idolatry is clearly forbidden in Scripture, and no one who practices it will enter the Kingdom of God (Revelation 21:27).

Also, it is wise to recognize that we do not know what actual angels look like. Angel figurines are someone's idea of what an angel might look like.