Question: "What is Precept Ministries?"

Answer: Precept Ministries International is a parachurch organization co-founded by Bible teacher, author, and speaker Kay Arthur. Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Precept Ministries works with all denominations while seeking to never compromise the truths of God’s Word. The stated purpose of the ministry is to help “people [be] established in God’s Word living as exemplary followers of Jesus Christ, studying the Bible inductively, viewing the world biblically, making disciples intentionally, and serving the church faithfully in the power of the Holy Spirit” (from their website). The ministry is best known for training students in the inductive Bible study method.

The ministry offers a Bible study program, conferences, books, a study Bible, training workshops, tours to biblical locations, and a radio and TV program called Precepts for Life, featuring the teaching of Kay Arthur. Free study guides are available to accompany the broadcasts. The Bible studies of Precept Ministries International are being used in nearly 180 countries and 70 languages.

“God’s eternal, inerrant Word is your guidebook for all of life, and inductive study gives you the key to understanding that guide. Inductive study, a method that brings you directly to the Word of God apart from another’s understanding or interpretation of the text, involves three skills: observation, interpretation, and application” (from the Inductive Bible Study Overview from Precept Ministries).

Precept Ministries was founded in 1970 by Jack and Kay Arthur. Kay Arthur started teaching a teen Bible study in her home, but the group grew quickly to include college students and adults. The Bible study eventually grew into Precept Ministries International, and over the years Kay has written over 100 books and Bible studies.

As with any Bible study program or ministry, we encourage all participants to compare the teaching of Precept Ministries International to what the Bible says (see Acts 17:10–15).